Winnie & Me




Dog walking is a necessary + valuable part of any dog's daily routine. This is where we excel. 
At Winnie + Me, our goal is to make each outing positive + constructive, because we know that the benefits of dog walking extend far beyond a simple potty break.

Our dog walks + outings put an emphasis on exercise, mental stimulation, socialization + positive reinforcement-based training.
As the pack leader, we deliver a structured routine to help cultivate confidence + instill a sense of purpose in the dog's life. Whether it be a hike on the Bruce Trail or a pack outing to the park, your dog will surely come back to you tired + fully satisfied.  

Please feel free to come to us with general questions or concerns, at any time. 


Our Group Play outing starts with us picking up your dog, along with 3-4 other dogs + taking them to a fenced in off-leash dog park. Outings are anywhere from an hour to three hours, depending on group size. A great option for friendly, social dogs at least 12-months old. 

 $22.00 per outing

* $10.00 for each additional dog from the same household. 





* Registered Business, Insured + Protected
* Please give 24 hour notice of any cancellations

*All rates are subject to change at anytime