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See What Members of the Goon Squad are Saying About Us!

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Poppy + Lee

"There's not a thing you can do to improve! Poppy isn't always the most social dog...I was a bit nervous when you and Winnie stepped in...But Poppy couldn't be happier. When I get home I ask her: did Lauren come to play today? she dances on her hind feet and 'sings' for me. That's a 15/10 rating in her book..."

Pickles + Julie

"Lauren is the best dog walker and dog sitter we've ever had. We're so happy to be able to leave our dogs with her, knowing that they're going to be treated with the same love and attention that they get at home.  Our dog adores Lauren and always comes home tired with a goofy dog grin on her face. Best dog walking and sitting in the city, hands down."



Lennox + David

"...thank you for your continued great service, keeping all our dogs happy and active. I know Lennox has a blast, and your updates on Facebook and IG are always so enjoyable."

Millie + Marie

"Millie sincerely loves her time with Winnie&Me. She has been a part of the goon squad for quite some time, and always comes home happy and tired! Lauren has gone above and beyond for Millie (and us) on numerous occasions, I can't imagine what we would do without her! Absolutely LOVE Winnie&Me!"


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Ella + Beth

"Winnie and Me has been a godsend. My Westie, Ella, is precious to me and I want her to be in the best of hands. Winnie and Me provides services beyond what I had expected and continue to do so. Love the flexibility and how I repeatedly feel that Ella is very well taken care of when I am not able to do so. Well done Winnie and Me! Keep up the good work."


Nora + Dana

"Nora always looks like she's having such a great time with the goon squad in pictures and videos posted online! Love that you do live updates through social media!"


Grizzly + Annalisa

"Grizzly loves her time with the squad!! Lauren has been so flexible with our schedule and that has been a huge help, especially as we get ready for a new baby."


Otis + Jordana

"I'm never worried when Otis is on his group play date. It feels good to know he's with someone I can trust."





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